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This set contains six colors of tips.

Enjoy your Kendama life with your favorite colors.

As it has been commonly known that “the life of Kendama spike is the life of Kendama”, grinding was the only solution to a crushed spike.

Other alternative was to reinforce the spike with a glue to prevent crushing.

However, if a spike reinforced with a glue etc. is too rigid, the excessively rigid spike hitting the ball causes bumps on the ball surface.

The “spike replacement technology” is a technology developed to prevent such spike and ball damage.

By using a replaceable resin material for the spike, Kendama can last three times longer than before.

Since the resin material used “damages the ball if too rigid, but bounces off the ball if too soft”, we have conducted a multitude of tests and developed a resin material with an original mixture of ABS and PP. We achieved the ideal rigidity for Kendama.

Kendama spike replacement technology is MUGEN MUSOU’s original technology and we are currently waiting for its international patent to be approved. Kendama spike material: specially mixed resin